Investment Practices and Philosophy

Investment Strategy

A teamwork approach for processing market information, exchanging ideas, formulating investment concepts and strategies, and identifying placement opportunities.


The recognition of specific needs and restrictions of each client when making investment decisions.


We are in daily contact with the trading rooms of our partner banks.


We analyze and filter investment ideas and products originating from research of our partner banks and of other select institutions.


We conduct our own research on small and medium capitalization companies active in Switzerland and the Eurozone.



Portfolio Management


Our objective is absolute performance, i.e. annual growth of capital including income, net of all bank and management expenses, taking into account the client´s predefined risk parameters.


To this end we practice a dynamic asset management approach, generally with emphasis on stocks. Our experience has convinced us that even if markets go through ups and downs, investments in stocks remain the most secure means to achieve sustained long-term capital growth. Depending on the evolution of markets and interest rates, in addition to client risk parameters and income needs, investments in other financial instruments will be considered, including bonds of higher quality issuers, conservatively managed alternative funds or capital-guaranteed products.


Our approach is based on researching quality stocks that we consider undervalued.




Our equity investments are concentrated in Swiss, European, and US markets.


Ocassionally we will invest in Asia and the emerging markets.


Our emphasis is on a solid foundation of leading global companies, complimented by undervalued small and mid-capitalization stocks.